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Mobile App Development

We have years of experience developing mobile apps from idea conception all the way to post publishing requirements. We are able to develop a wide spectrum of apps, from enterprise level intra business apps, all the way to mobile games.

VR Development (Mobile/PC)

We are able to develop VR applications swiftly using Unity3D engine. Together with our expertise in LEAP Motion hand and finger sensor, we are able to create applications for a wide spectrum of uses, for learning and training purposes, all the way to games, using the most natural input device – the human hand.

Embedded Systems Integration

We have vast experience working on integrating embedded hardware with our client’s desired output/control mobile or PC platform. We understand the traps and pitfalls in such integration processes and will leverage our knowledge in electronics, as well as app development to provide a smooth integration process.

Web Content Management System

Enterprise IT workflow typically requires the use Content Management System to monitor and control the business operations. We are able to develop such systems especially when they go in tendem with a mobile app for remote usage, or harness mobile phone’s hardware such as the camera for barcode reading.